Weak Motivation for the Hero & the Villain in CWs Batwoman Episode 2

Episode 02 of The CW’s ‘Batwoman’ series saw a decline of 1/3 of its TV audience after the premiere. After reviewing this most recent episode, two things have become apparent:


1. The shows “woke marketing” has not been followed through by providing a legitimately woke, hyper-Feminist show. Sure it has Rachel Maddow, and it’s clearly got a leftist bent, but I still haven’t seen a hero “with a passion for social justice.”


2. The shows presents both the hero and the villain as having bizarre motivations. Alice, the villain – and a sister of Batwoman, seeks revenge against her father for the crime of presuming that Alice was dead after discovering a car crash which contained fragments of her skull, but not the rest of her body. Okay. 


Meanwhile, Kate (aka Batwoman) seeks to save Alice despite her homicidal tendencies, because they’re sisters.


I’m left wondering, “So, if Alice and Kate weren’t sisters, would Kate care at all?” Why does Alice get a pass on killing people just because they’re sisters? And if there are other reasons for saving Alice, why doesn’t the show present them?


Given the ratings tank and the poor writing, I really don’t see how this show makes season 2. I get into a few more of the details in my video below.


The CW's Batwoman shows no understandable character motives as ratings tank

Preston Poulter

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