Waid & Osajyefo’s ‘Ignited’ Features a Rather Predictable Villain

Humanoids Comics latest series ‘Ignited’ is meant to kick off their H1 universe. Unfortunately the comic makes no attempt to present a political narrative in a fair, factual, or even-handed way. Instead, the comic book uses the topic of school shootings to suppose that the traditional conservative opponents of the creators’ own progressive agenda regarding gun control are somehow responsible. Super powered teenagers destroy the home of raconteur and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones – and that’s just on the second page. And if you don’t agree, you must want more school children to die. Beyond that, the comic has very little else to say.


The comic next attacks the notion that school children can be protected by placing armed authority figures in the school in order to protect them. That notion is quickly ridiculed. Suggesting that you can’t trust a white teacher to not start shooting troublesome black students. This narrative is delivered by a masked Antifa-like figure in school wide “woke-up” call. Furthermore, the idea that parents or other concerned figures might defend the school with firearms is attacked directly as armed parents come to the school triggering a panic. 


Clearly, the answer is not to take the defense of your life into your own hands. Instead, this comic shows us super powered teenagers taking the defense of their life into their own hands. Now, you might find such things intellectually inconsistent, but that just means you are clearly not yet sufficiently “woke” to the realities presented in ‘Ignited’. It’s not about taking actions against people actually perpetrating school schootings, but rather “pushing back forcefully against the people who allow them to happen.”


Sorry Alex Jones, your house has got to go.


Ignited #1: Super powered teens beat up the political enemies of the comic's progressive creators

Preston Poulter

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