Video Game Reviews: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures I & II Deluxe


I’ve been a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd aka James Rolfe for years! I started watching as far back as the Silver Surfer review (that was 2008 and around his 2nd year on YouTube) so when a chance came to receive a Review Key for the AVGN Adventures I & II Deluxe game, you bet I jumped at the chance!


Combining and remastering the first two games into one package, completely overhauling the first came from the ground up, has greatly improved everything.


The first game was notorious for it’s incredible difficulty, especially when it came to the over the top number of Death Blocks being utilized. Well one of the first things fixed was a 3/4 reduction of death blocks, replacing them with spiky balls that can still damage you, but not one hit kill ya.


Aside from the rebuild, the majority of the changes done to the game were with Level Re-Designs or story/character changes. Just about all the original cameos were removed, replaced with appearances from Future Nerd (basically he knows this is a remastered game and is not happy). Also the second game is less of an AVGN Movie tie in and more it’s own game.


In addition, a finale bonus chapter was added, akin to the Mega Man Wiley Wars Tower, 3 new levels to give you the ultimate challenge followed by one grand final boss that closes out the story (yes there is one) in the most epic nerdy way possible!


So join in and see me review the game and gush about all things Angry Nerd! I’ll point out as many of the references/Easter eggs as I can spot and just have a blast!


I cannot recommend this game enough! Buy it! It’ll come at a reasonable price and, if you own the original versions of the first two games, you will receive a discount as well! Buy it!


Video Game Reviews: AVGN Adventures I & II Deluxe Review & Commentary

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