The Losers (2010) An Overlooked Fun Graphic Novel Film Adaptation



2010’s The Losers is not exactly a hidden gem, but’s certainly worth the time to check it out.


The Losers 2010 Trailer HD


Overshadowed by the same year’s bigger budgeted A-Team adaptation, The Losers pursues a similar path, with a group of amiable black ops members set up and forced to go on the lam.


The A-Team (Living the Dream) Trailer 2010 HD 1080P


Based on the Image comic book and helmed by French director Sylvain White, the picture moves at  fair clip, and, although some of the effects could be better, I actually prefer it to The A-Team, although that movie has its moments (and a good villain in Patrick Wilson’s Vance Burress):

The strength of The Losers lays in it’s cast, including Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Idris Elba, Chris Evans and Jason (The Lost Boys) Patric, who is particularly good as the bad guy Max.


the losers, Jason Patric.


Incidentally the role of Capt Jake Jensen is one of  the no less than five comic book characters essayed by Chris Evans, the others being Captain America, The Human Torch, Curtis Everett (Snowpiercer) and Lucas Lee (Scott Pilgrim). Six if you include Nick Gant in Push (2009).



Take a gander at The Losers; in the words of Quentin Tarantino it’s ‘dumb fun’.



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