The Batwoman Needs a Bit More Cringe to Be Interesting

I don’t know if you heard, but Batwoman dropped on CW’s streaming yesterday. I was expecting to see more about in on YouTube, but it doesn’t seem to have gotten more videos in anticipation than in release. I think part of that may be because the release itself was rather middling. 


Yes, there was some SJW cringe. But, the worst line, “It will be (perfection) when it’s fitted for a woman,” was leaked as part of their promo. When the offending line itself, hit, it was more of an eyeball than anything else. 


In just looking at the series as a distant observe, Ruby Rose does not have the physical presence to carry off a formidable fighter presence. As the father of a daughter, I find myself worrying that Ms. Rose is going to get hurt tangling with one of those big thugs. The disparity in size makes me wonder why one of the thugs just doesn’t pick her up off the ground and toss her over the nearest railing. 


The strange thing about the show is that it all boils down to a family drama. Kate Kane is in love with Sophie, who is looked after by Kate’s father, who secretly wishes that Sophie could be his actual daughter. So Kate and her father come into some conflict as they both worry about Sophie who has been kidnapped by Alice. But then, as the end of the pilot, we learn Alice is also related to Kate. And, of course, Kate get’s her batsuit from her uncle. 


Crazy family relations in Gotham. 


The Batwoman pilot makes entire cast strangely related

Preston Poulter

Preston Poulter

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