The Avengers (2012): When You Need a Hero and the Hero’s There


Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ends with the epic 2012 film, the Avengers. Like the five films that preceded it (Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger), the Avengers delivers an excellent story with few distractions. This review, like the others I’ve written in this series, is intended to explore liberal bias as it appears in MCU movies. I started the project after seeing Thor: Ragnarok and realized it was full of liberal themes, in contrast to how I remembered earlier MCU movies. With that in mind, I decided to review the MCU in order to see how contemporary politics may have influenced the films.


As part of the review process, I came up with a “Bias Quotient” where each movie was given a score to illustrate whether it had a bias, and if so, how much. In Phase One, all of the movies so far have been mostly conservative, apart from incipient feminism and an anti-gun message in Iron Man 2 which pushed it slightly in the direction of a liberal bias. Overall, they came across as either completely neutral or slightly to one side or the other. None contained the sickening level of bias found in Ragnarok.



The Avengers is an excellent capstone for the Phase One series of films. It is completely in character with previous entries in the series, and it even gets rid of the semi-feminist elements present in Iron Man 2. In the Avengers, Paltrow and Johansson are both sexy and powerful but they are also respectful of the people around them, including the men. That is, they are respectful of the good guys. I recall the Black Widow killing or dismembering a bad guy but that comes later.


The Avengers could be looked at as a simple adventure that has elements of team-building and space aliens. Or, one can look at it as an apt metaphor for America in the year 2020, eight years after the movie was released. The America depicted in the Avengers isn’t the America we have, but rather the America that many might wish we had instead of the Leftist-fueled anarchy we have been witnessing for months. The good news is that maybe it isn’t too late.



The vehicle for all of the conflict we see in the Avengers is Loki, God of Evil, Lord of Lies. He manipulates or forces people to bend to his will. This is as true of the space-faring space aliens known as “Chithauri” as of the earthmen encountered by Loki. Loki promises the Tesseract, an ancient object of great power, in return for their help. The humans are taken by force, guiled by the power of Loki’s magic scepter. Without the many humans and aliens who assist Loki, he would not have been able to accomplish his evil plan: to rule Earth, nor would he have been in a position to attempt it.


This is also true of modern Leftists, who rely on the many innocent victims of their lying propaganda. Their victims believe the lies, are outraged by them, and commit themselves to words and deeds that serve the very people who tricked them into doing their dirty work.


There are a few lines that establish the conservative point of view used throughout the film. In one scene, Agent Coulson tells Captain America that he played a role in redesigning his costume. “A new uniform? Aren’t the stars and stripes a little old-fashioned?” Coulson answers by saying, “In these days, a ‘little old-fashioned’ might be just what is called for.” A little later, Captain America is about to leap out of a quinjet in mid-air to pursue Thor, Loki, and Iron Man. Black Widow attempts to dissuade him by saying that Thor and Loki are “basically gods.” Cap has his head on straight when he responds, “There’s only one God ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.” These exchanges would have a hard time finding their way into a liberal film, even as a way to depict conservatives.



Meanwhile, Dr. Selwig, played by Stellan Skarsgard, shows us exactly what it is like to be entranced by the spell of deception. In an exchange with Loki, his face artificially illuminated by a sickly blue light and his eyes all but blind, he says “The tesseract has shown me so much. It’s more than knowledge, it’s truth.” Loki smiles at his human zombie patronizingly, as one would of a pitied inferior. When this happened, I thought of politicians like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Jerry Nadler. At their press conferences or town halls, when they talk to constituents and reporters, they had the same look on their face that Loki did in this scene. The people they are talking to, some anyway, come across much the way Selwig did.


Overall, Loki’s disdain for the people of Earth is much like the way liberals behave around their political opponents, who they seem to think are morally and intellectually inferior. In this context, one of my favorite exchanges shows us the generous but practical heart and mind of Thor. The conversation takes place on the SHIELD helicarrier, where Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) has just said of Loki, “That guy’s brain is a bag of cats.”


Thor: “Be careful how you speak of my brother.”


Black Widow: “He killed eighty people in three days.”


Thor: “He is adopted.”



There is an interesting conflict between Captain America and Tony Stark in the Avengers. In all of the early scenes where the two characters interact, Captain America is the calm voice of reason (conservative) and Stark is the edgy hippie conspiracy theorist (liberal). In the end, the tension between the two is resolved when Stark learns how to “play nice with others” and submit to Captain America’s orders. That is the appropriate resolution from a conservative point of view.



Earlier, Stark commits himself to impetuous and irresponsible actions that had the potential to kill everyone on board the helicarrier. Agent Phil Coulson, the weakest but bravest of the group, is killed. Stark’s abilities are great but his poor decisions make him a serious liability. He may be more trouble than he is worth. What good is the greatest weapon system ever designed if it is aimed at the wrong target? Coulson’s death, however, red-pills Stark and he sees the error of his ways. This particular character arc could be described as the reformation of a liberal.


Skipping to the end, and skipping plenty of great action along the way, we get to the climactic Battle of New York. During this battle, a space portal opens in the sky, releasing untold numbers of dangerous aliens. They descend on New York City and wreak havoc. They crash large flying indestructible spine-like creatures straight through buildings, causing them to crumble to dust. Aliens on flying vehicles fire weapons at everything in sight. They explode cars, kill pedestrians, vandalize building facades, and set bombs inside buildings. Wherever they are, they destroy with no apparent intelligent goal.



Amid the anarchy, policemen, firemen, and soldiers come to the rescue. The Avengers are there also, some destroying big monster alien ships (Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man), while others (Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow) help people on the ground. Throughout these scenes, all of the first responders and the Avengers themselves are treated respectfully and gratefully by the people around them. This is unlike how liberals want American citizens to react to riots around the country. If anything, they seem content to let them happen, to roast marshmallows at any of the numerous fires set around the city as they disrespectfully make jokes about dead cops.


The Chithauri space aliens in the Avengers profane the city of New York with their presence and defile it with their words and actions. That is precisely the effect leftist so-called “protesters” are having in many cities across America. The difference is that in America today, as our media stands in for Loki, encouraging people to believe dangerous lies that will cause them harm, we haven’t yet seen our Avengers who will swoop in and save the day.


President Trump appears to have a role that is most similar to Nick Fury’s in the Avengers. The moment we are at right now, on July 30, 2020, is closest to the point in the Avengers just after Coulson dies, when Fury has to get the Avengers to work as a team. If he hadn’t succeeded in that moment, Loki would have won. President Trump needs a win too, because without it, we all lose. To get it, those of us who have not been blinded by Leftist lies need to work together, just like the Avengers, so that we can defend our country rather than avenge our failure.


Dr. Andy

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