Back-Issue Spotlight: “Wolverine: The End”

Paul Jenkins gave us Origins, the story that gave fans of Logan all the answers we ever wanted about where Wolverine came from (at least his early years!) In this tale, he’s gives us ‘The End’ of Wolverine and he’s going to make sure we get a boat load of new questions we’ll never get answers to!


That was the plan when Jenkins took up this project. That’s what he told me once when I met him at a comic convention many years ago. He wanted ‘The End’ to be the polar opposite of ‘Origins’. And with that in mind, it sheds light on some of the confusion in this book, and actually helps it make a lot more sense.


It’s a story of Wolverine trying to deal with loose threads in his life while getting answers to some of the holes in his memories, those blanks in his life. (Side note: This was written before House of M gave him his memories back). Throughout this adventure, we learn of a mysterious figure that’s been stalking Logan since the beginning! And ‘no’ it’s not Romulus!


It’s John Howlett, his brother and he has ALL the answers for James! Will Wolverine get the answers he seeks in the end? If you haven’t read it, or even if you have, watch my video below to find out!




Robert Willing

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