Story Spotlight: The Lost Episode of Batman ’66

The old Batman TV show of the 60’s staring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin featured a multitude of colorful characters and cultural celebrities alike! It was one of the biggest hits the Caped Crusader had that shot new life when the comics were sulking. (Even if it also left a long term negative view on comic books, at least for a while) The show had so many of Batman’s rogues gallery (many actually became staples THANKS to the show) including the Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, and so many more. However, one that never appeared was Two-Face aka Harvey Dent.


This isn’t to say that an episode wasn’t planned! In fact famed writer Harlan Ellison wrote a teleplay of an episode that was to feature the two-faced fiend of crime, but it was never made. Rumors circulated Clint Eastwood was in the running to be cast and, while a perfect choice, it never got to that stage. People have wanted to see this story adapted in some way for years and it was finally done back in 2015 in this adaptation by Len Wein, José Luís Garcia-Lopez (praise be his name), and Joe Prado! Come see how Batman and Robin can deal with the nefarious twin faced crooked criminal that is Two-Face!


For the record, Adam West WOULD, in his final outing as Batman, get to star in a story with Two Face in the animated movie ‘Batman vs Two Face’. In that movie, the titular villain was voiced by none other than ANOTHER big TV star of the 60’s, William Shatner! It was an amazing movie and a fine farewell for Adam


Story Spotlight: The Lost Episode of Batman '66


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