Story Spotlight: The Last Fantastic Four Story


As a follow up to my review of Fantastic Four: The End, I wanted to review something Stan ‘The Man’ Lee himself wrote for what he would have done if given the chance to closing out the adventures of the Fantastic Four! Legendary artist John Romita Jr channeled his inner Kirby to lend the art.


Unlike “The End”, this one disregards most continuity and focuses on its own thing. It tells the story of a species known as the Cosmic Tribunal and this being has judged humanity and found it wanting! Earth has one week before it will be destroyed! So their representative, the Adjudicator, is sent to earth! Everyone on the planet throws everything they can at it to save their planet – and it’s all for nothing!


Can the Four stop what is possibly their greatest challenge ever? How is this the final story? Is it a worth the wild send off? Well check out my video to see what I think for yourself


Story Spotlight: The Last Fantastic Four Story

Robert Willing

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