Back Issue Spotlight: Peter David’s ‘The Last Avengers Story’ Review

In this back issue spotlight on comics that tell “The End” style final stories of our favorite superheroes, I want to talk about the last Alternaverse story Marvel told; The Last Avengers Story!


No, really that’s what it was called.


The series was written in 1986 by Peter David, but it was shelved due to editorial meddling with the plot. David wanted a character-driven story, but his editors wanted a more action driving storyline. The series was revived when it was published as part of the Alterniverse, a subset of the What If? comic book which focused upon darker, bleaker stories.



This story takes palce far in the future where the Avengers have been killed. Not the original Avengers, but the current team which were a bunch of arrogant, celebrity-minded jerks. The mystery begins by asking who was responsible? It turned out to be Ultron and Kang, of course! Having found a book called The Last Avengers Story, Kang knew he was destined to finally triumph!


Hank Pym is spurned into action as he, along with the now ever slowly shrinking Wasp, and together they have to regroup whoever they can find to help stop Kang, Ultron, and their lackeys Oddball and Reaper, if they want to save everyone.


The sad thing is, most of the heavy hitters are dead, gone, insane, or just retired. So who will Hank be able to recruit? How will they stop Kang and Ultron? And more importantly, how did we get to this point? Well come watch my video below and find out


Story Spotlight: The Last Avengers Story

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