Story Spotlight: The Judge Dredd Movie Adaptation

We continue my Dredd Spotlight series as I finally get to showcasing the Comic Adaptation to the Sylvester Stallone helmed Judge Dredd movie of the 90’s


Personally I didn’t HATE the movie when I first saw it, it was a guilty pleasure. Now that I’m a Dredd-Head and I look back on the movie…I still get enjoyment out of it! There are plenty of issues, Rob Schnieder being one of them, and it can’t hold a candle to the later Dredd movie…but on it’s own it’s not bad.


Well for the comics adaptation, it was handled by writer/editor Andrew Helfer and the artwork was done by Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra (may he rest in peace). Now in comic histories, the old tradition of comic movie adaptations usually vary, and not usually for the best. But here, I believe we got one of those rare comics that not only tells almost all of the movie (it’s not that truncated) and it cuts out all the annoying bits that made the film insufferable.


Does it make the movie good? Hell no! It still has the same insane plot…but it DOES make it TOLERABLE! Come see what I mean as I discuss it and what I think of this adaptation.


Robert Willing

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