Back Issue Spotlight: Superman, This is Your Life

Hopefully all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Tonight, I’m continuing my “End of an Era” comic reviews by going over the last three issues of the Superman books during Infinite Crisis before One Year Later. This closed the door on post-crisis Superman as we knew him as well as the Golden Age Earth-2 Superman.


During their incredible fight during the events of Infinite Crisis, these two Supermen, due to the strengths of their blows and the instability of the Multiverse, were able to re-live their lives on the other Superman’s earth and both decided to succeed where the other failed. 




What we get is a clash of moralities. Earth-2 Superman tries to impose his black and white morality on a very grey morals world. While Earth Prime Superman tries to use his “I will influence and inspire people on this planet through my own actions” method on a world of simple morals. Neither of these approaches go over very well. 


The point of this story, and why I feel like it fits in with Thanksgiving, is here we have two individuals who are the same man, but with different upbringings and beliefs. Put them together they will fight over nothing really important. It’s only when they realize (thanks to Wonder Woman) what really matters, that they cooperate.


In its simplest form, this story is a message to those out there who are fellowshipping with friends and family members this weekend who they disagreed with or want to argue with, to try to put aside your ideologies and instead focus on what really matters. Family and football ~ LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!


Story Spotlight: Superman, This is Your Life


Robert Willing

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