Story Spotlight: Superman: The Black Ring

I’ve got a two-parter in my ‘End of an Era’ series of videos focusing on comics that are touted as telling the ‘final story’ for a particular character. This one is the first, and main bulk of, Paul Cornell’s run on Action Comics that wraps up the Post-Crisis, Post-Infinite Crisis era of Superman! And more importantly, this run tells a story that I consider possibly the best Lex Luthor story ever!


After feeling the power of the Orange Lantern ring during Blackest Night, Lex wants that power back! Or at least something else just like it. Utilizing an android of Lois Lane, he sets about finding these black spheres and converting them to white. Along the way he runs into various characters from the DCU. The Joker, Vandal Savage, Gorillia Grodd with his Attack Spoon, a very adorable Mister Mind, and most importantly, Neil Gaiman’s Death! All this to try and achieve ultimate power to finally bring happiness to the universe!


This all builds up to Action Comics #900 which is an incredible tale in its own right as Lex achieves his goal and tries to break Superman! But there is a cost to such power! And will Lex pay it? or will he screw up and loose everything?


Again this is an amazing Lex Luthor story that gets us into his head and tells us once and for all. Is Lex a good man who’s obsession with Superman is keeping him from greatness? Or is he an evil bastard who lies to himself and could care less about the world? Come see and find out! And tune in for the next video for the Reign of the Doomsdays



Story Spotlight: Superman: The Black Ring

Robert Willing

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