Story Spotlight: Superman: Godfall

Last Sunday, April 21, not only did the world celebrate Easter, but it was also the birthday of the late, great artist Michael Turner of Aspen Comics fame who passed away June 27, 2008 at the age of 37 (meaning he would have been 48 today). To celebrate, belatedly, the life of a great man, I decided to pick something he worked on this week and spotlight it. Now I could have picked the Supergirl arc of Superman/Batman that he drew, but instead I decided to pick something that he had a different kind of hand in. Superman: Godfall (which took place in Action Comics #812-813, Adventures of Superman #625-626, and Superman #202-203)


After the events of Superman #200, the big boy in blue has seemed to have ended up on Krypton…one that never blew up! And he has a life, unaware of what came before, with his lovely wife…Lyla! Kal-El would spend his life working, enjoying his wife’s company, and driving his awesome motorcycle! Until one day, after a strange yellow sunlight came to him, he started to gain new abilities that scared him!


What follows would be an incredible tale full of complicated things like faith and Godhood as we find out he was NOT on Krypton, but Kandor! And Kandor is shown in a way never seen before! Come see this and more as this underrated story is discussed and head to your local comic shop to go back issue bin diving for yourself.


Story Spotlight: Superman: Godfall

Robert Willing

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