Story Spotlight: Superman/Fantastic Four: The Infinite Destruction

Back again with another Marvel/DC crossover, this one follows up on the last one I did. Last time I talked about Darkseid and Galactus, this time around I’m talking about the heroes they deal with! That’s right! DC’s premiere hero teams up with Marvel’s Premiere family as I go over Superman/Fantastic Four: Infinite Destruction!

Written and Drawn by Dan Jurgens, this amazing giant sized (literally the book is huge) book has Superman receive a mysterious message seemingly from his father telling him Galactus destroyed Krypton. He goes to meet the Fantastic Four about the Devourer of Worlds when the Cyborg Superman (Himself the sole survivor of a twisted version of the four) appears before Superman is turned into Galactus newest Herald and Reed is abducted. Can the remaining members of the four work with Hank Henshaw to save Reed and Superman? Can Superman be restored? Come and find out…

Story Spotlight: Superman/Fantastic Four: The Infinite Destruction

Robert Willing

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