Story Spotlight: Elseworlds – Superboy’s Legion


Back again with a followup to my previous video! In this 2-part Elsewords tale, we take about a deviation from JLA ‘The Nail’. Instead of “What if Superman landed on Earth but was not found by the Kent’s” we now ask “What if Kal-El never landed on earth and was stuck in space until the 30th century?!”


Why do I phrase it like that? Because the lack of Superman (or Kryptonian ship this time) is key to the events of the present day that influences the future. In the year 3001 young Kal El, having been raised by RJ Brande, wants to do more with his powers! So he finds fellow super powered teenagers Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy and they form The Legion!


But after a fantastic first outing, the legion are already put through the ringer as the Fatal Five attack! And who is giving the orders? None other than a still alive, in computer form, Lex Luthor…Or is he?


This story is a very good companion to The Nail! Written this time by Davis’s long time inker Mark Farmer, this series is fun! If there’s anything to complain about, it’s that some changes in history clearly exist just to allow the story to work properly. It stands out but it doesn’t detract from the title.


I highly recommend you buy these books if you find them!


Story Spotlight: Superboy's Legion

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