Story Spotlight: Spider-Man/Kingpin: To The Death!

Stan Lee and John Romita Sr’s run on Spider-Man is considered an all time classic (well that and Ditko of course) Who could ever forget that timeless last page where we FINALLY meet Mary Jane Watson and hear her classic line “Face it Tiger, you just hit the Jackpot!”


Well in the 90’s after the clone saga and all that, Stan and John reunited, with a plot from Tom DeFalco, to work on one more story as a team! And this story was a pure fun! Spider-man seems to have snapped and is gunning people down with Bullets instead of his web shooters! Or so it thinks as, in actuality, Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin is framing Spider-Man to showcase a new enhancement drug! Along the way Spidey Teams up with Daredevil, the only Marvel Hero to believe his innocence, as they fight to clear the Webheads good name and bring Fisk down!


It’s a nice short little book with amazing artwork and witty dialogue (some of the best in Stan’s later years if you ask me) come and see what I mean!

Story Spotlight: Spider-Man/Kingpin: To The Death!


Robert Willing

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