Story Spotlight Review: Molly Danger: Book One

Let me start by saying that I’ve always stood by my belief of separating the art from the artist! To acknowledge the good creative work that someone has done, regardless of any recent actions. This does not mean I endorse their behavior or their words. I am just focusing on the final product. Actors, singers, artists of any kind, this is my simple rule.


And this is a perfect example. Jamal Igle has become rather notorious in how he interacts with fans and even how he’s handled his Kickstarter fulfillment for the comic book I’m reviewing here, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that this was a damn good first installment!


We’re introduced to Molly Danger. A young alien girl who is basically a ‘what if Supergirl came to earth 20 years ago and was stuck at age 10’ story – so good! That’s what she is and it’s a fun romp that introduces us to her world and sets up some interesting plot points that… well… still have yet to be resolved, but for a first installment it’s a very entertaining one with great artwork! Enjoy it!



Story Spotlight: Molly Danger: Book One

Robert Willing

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