Story Spotlight: Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus


We’re winding down in my Judge Dredd Spotlight series as I now talk about the times Dredd dealt with both the Yautja and the Xenomorphs!


In our first tale, brought to us by John Wagner and Enrique Alcatena, a lone Yaujta (or Predator) comes to Mega City One and starts hunting down the Judges for its final hunt! And Dredd is provided the aid of one Judge Schaefer (Aka the great, great, great-granddaughter of Dutch Schaefer, Arnold’s character from Predator), to stop the great warrior.


In our second take, brought to us by John Wager, Andy Diggle and Henry Flint, has a Xenomorph (or Incubus as they call it) infestation as Dredd, new judge Sanchez, and everyone else in Mega City One have to fight them off before they are consumed


Both of these tales perfect emulate the films they’re based on as well as provide incredible (CANON) Judge Dredd stories that entertain everyone.


Robert Willing

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