Story Spotlight: Just Imagine Stan Lee Created the DC Universe

Stan ‘The Man’ Lee! The brilliant co-creator of so much of what’s great about the Marvel Universe! From the Fantastic Four to Spider-Man to the Avengers! But one day Comic creator/producer Michael Uslan decided to ask Stan the ultimate question:


Just Imagine if Stan Lee was working at DC and came up with all of their characters instead?  That’s what the series Just Imagine asked and I’m going into the back-issue today to go through this awesome series!


Stan was given a list of characters to choose from, the best artists DC could give him (for some this would actually become their last comic works), and ‘boy howdy’ did Stan have some great ideas for how to retool the classic DC heroes! Superman was an adult space cop, Batman an ex-con, Wonder Woman was Aztec instead of Amazonian, etc, etc! And not only did we get some creative concepts (done through the incomparable Marvel Method), but the entire story builds up towards an epic conclusion as CRISIS comes to Earth! And granted a bunch of stuff happens off-screen too that causes many questions to be raised, but who cares?


So join me as I share in one of my epic-length Spotlights one of my favorite DC projects of all time!


Story Spotlight: Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe


Robert Willing

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