Story Spotlight: JSA: The Golden Age (1993)

There are different kinds of Elseworlds. The types that give us “What If…?” type of stories, the ones that are so radically different you barely recognize them, and then there’s the ones that COULD fit in the continuity if it weren’t for a few slight changes (characters killed off for example) and The Golden Age is one of those types!

The Golden Age is a 1993 four-issue Elseworlds comic book mini-series by writer James Robinson and artist Paul Smith. It concerns the Golden Age DC Comics superheroes entering the 1950s and facing the advent of McCarthyism. This the final story of the Golden Age of heroes as the Silver Age is on its way. The War is over…but how does that affect the heroes? And is it really over or has the evil just changed form? What we get is an incredible thriller that keeps you guessing. And that’s what I’m here to talk about as best I can!

Fast Fact: Writer Geoff Johns credits James Robinson’s work on this book for igniting his love for the characters in it, and for his decision to accept writing duties on JSA in 2000.

Story Spotlight: JSA: The Golden Age

Robert Willing

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