Story Spotlight: JLA: The Nail/Another Nail

Hey guys, I’m back here to talk about another one of my all time favorite Elseworlds. Originally published as a three-issue comic book mini-series from DC Comics in 1998 under its Elseworlds imprint, the story was written and drawn by the great Alan Davis. This tale takes on one very VERY simple premise; what if the Kent’s got a flat tire that fateful day the Kryptonian rocket crashed on Earth, and never left the home. So they never found baby Kal-el. And there was no Superman! What we get is one of the most original Elseworlds DC has ever produced and it’s one that goes above and beyond it’s simple premise. It actually puts a lot of very deep thought into it!



Without Superman, public viewing of the heroes would be VERY erratic if borderline hostile! Without Superman, the league wouldn’t have a beacon to rally behind and be inspired by. Without Superman, the likes of Jimmy Olson wouldn’t have a hero who would put up with his quirks, etc, etc!


This leads into a somewhat less than classic sequel ‘Another Nail’ that ties up a few of the loose ends and unanswered questions from ‘The Nail’ in a way that’s good, but not that great in comparison.


Well I’m here to talk about them…well more the first book and skimming the second. But either way! This is a classic you should add to your library!


Story Spotlight: JLA: The Nail/Another Nail

Robert Willing

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