Back Issue Spotlight: Iron Man: The End

It’s a brand new year, a brand new decade even! With it comes new beginnings…so let’s start things off talking about endings!


Yep! This month I’m going to be talking about many of the Marvel The End books, or those that followed the similar theme to it! Why? Because Marvel’s releasing a new batch this month that’s why!


But instead of starting with Last Avengers Story which came out first, or with Hulk: The End which was the first to use that subtitle, I’m instead going to go the MCU route and start with old Shellhead himself, Iron Man!


Fan Favorites David Michelinie and Bob Layton return alongside Bernard Chang to give Tony Stark a fitting send off. It’s not a massive final stand! That’s not what the two were known for doing with the character. This is less about Iron Man and more about Tony letting go of his bodyguard.


This essentially is about Tony getting old, and being tossed around in his armor which has damaged his body terribly. He eventually comes to accept that he needs to pass on the mantle to someone! But will he do it? And who will it be? Well let’s review it together and find out!



Story Spotlight: Iron Man: The End


Robert Willing

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