Story Spotlight: Brotherhood of the Bat & League of Batmen

This one is an interesting Elseworld that works on two fronts. First, it allows the Batman creative teams (at the time) to utilize failed designs for new Batman Costumes they were working on AND it also asks a very good question. “What if Ra’s Al Ghul got what he wanted”? What if Ra’s DID cause humanity to be whittled down (this case thanks to a Plague induced Apocalypse) AND he killed the Batman!

Well we get two answers for that! First, he’d pervert Batman’s legacy (Using those discarded designs which exist in-universe) and make a Brotherhood of the Bat to take control of Gotham to mold it how he will. The next would eventually lead to the logical conclusion his belief would take him…that flesh is weak and needs to be replaced!

But who will stop him? Well a young man takes up the mantle…a young man who has VERY close ties to both Bruce Wayne AND Ra’s…and he’s ready to prove himself!

Story Spotlight: Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat & League of Batmen

Robert Willing

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