‘Sticks & Stones’ Review: Dave Chappelle vs. the World



No stranger to controversies, Dave Chappelle’s new special Sticks & Stones came highly recommended by the honest folks over at VICE. Filmed in front of a live audience at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, from its opening lines where he makes an Anthony Bourdain joke to his take on the insanity surrounding the #MeToo movement, Chappelle reminds us of his great Comedy Central days. 



But he doesn’t stop there, Chappelle tackles the multitude of “scandals” that have brought the careers of prominent comics to a screeching halt. From Louis C.K to Kevin Hart, and even the late Michael Jackson’s newest allegations, Chappelle shows that even though he has been keeping a low profile he has been paying attention. His comedic deliveries still have that highly racial edge that made his television show so popular over a decade ago; and that comedic pace makes a brilliant return in this Netflix exclusive.



The veteran stand-up comedian and actor specifically calls out the segment of society that would take a comic’s jokes made years ago and use them as a bludgeon, as means to smear comedians on social media and have them banned, blacklisted, and boycotted.


He specifically calls out the #MeToo movement by referencing his previous specials, “what the f—k is your agenda ladies?” Further addressing his previous criticism of that highly toxic movement, he added “I told you you were right, but the way you’re going about it is not going to work.” But, it was in the mastery of his delivery that he fully represented many people that have witnessed their careers disappearing behind a wave of easily disprovable allegations: “I’m so goddamned sick of it, I can’t live in this new world that you’re proposing.”


Chappelle said he’s having a “MeToo headache.”


Chappelle identifies what these types of brittle-skinned people are creating in this society by calling himself a “victim blamer,” that is one that immediately questions the events leading to the circumstances. Without a doubt, this current culture climate is certainly creating more victim blamers, simply because the Twitter mobs can still dismantle entire careers with mere words on a computer screen.





Dave Chappelle's Impressions Are Insanely Accurate | Netflix Is A Joke


Bleeding Fool was created, in part, as a parody of another website, but in bigger part to address those kinds of mobs in equal ground. Thankfully, coverage across the platform has continued to gain a wider audience that can see that while their hobbies and communities are indeed drowning in their own self-immolation there may be hope at the end of the tunnel.


As another person is accused by “game developers” of sexual misconducts (looking forward to that crowd funding project that surely will follow), Chappelle gives us a much-needed oasis in this desert of toxicity. He reminds me of a time where comics carried the world on their shoulders, crossing ethnic and stereotypical lines with their impeccable timing and perfected story telling. Those were days where comics delivered the truth that society needed to hear, and it is way overdue.



If you haven’t yet, check out Sticks & Stones available on Netflix now. It’s purportedly the last part of a three-special, $60 million deal he signed with the streaming giant in 2017. It should go without saying that it is not appropriate for children to watch due to the subject matter and language, but if they’re your kids then you make your own decision. I think this is valuable information that they should hear, especially in the current “Era of Wokeness”. It could be considered a survival tool, a prep-kit, and a fatherly talk that soyboys are unprepared to deliver to their “own” children.


Words should never hurt you.

Michael Gutierrez

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