StaredCraft’s ‘Brightburn’ Movie Review (Spoilers!)

A young couple in a small town are unable to have children. One Night a ship crashed in the middle of the woods and they find a baby and they raise it as their own. They raise the boy to be the sweetest kid and, for a while, he is! Until one day he starts to develop incredible powers and starts to use them…to get payback on anyone who even remotely slights him!

Yeah not the direction you’d think the story goes right? Well that’s the plot of the James Gunn Produced (he did NOT Write nor Direct the film) tells us as we see the superhero Horror rendition of the classic Superman origin.

See myself, Ingrid, and Shane once again talk about movies. This case it’ll be ALL spoilers so you are warned!

Movie Reviews From The Multiverse: Brightburn (Spoiler Review)

Robert Willing

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