Spoiler Review From the Multiverse: Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney

It finally arrived, and just in time for Christmas! And I have to say that Ethan’s Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney, was well worth the wait. Van Sciver retooled his original creation and gives readers a story in three parts (four/five if you count the ashcans. Unfortunately at the time of this video I only got one of the ashcans in, the other one has been delayed.)


The first story is a full-blown origin story (that also sets up the main plot too), taking place prior to Ethan’s very first Cyberfrog story. We see the alien machine/ship that would “birth” Froggie and his bother Salamandroid. We get stuff that broad strokes Ethan’s others CF stories, and end up with a foreboding moment.



The second story is the events leading to the invasion of the Vyzpzz, space insects who convert blood to honey and flesh to hive material, and the fall of humanity as Cyberfrog is put into a recovery stasis. The third story details Cyberfrog waking up after the invasion has happened and finding out what happened to the world!


In the ash can that I received, through Froggie’s human friend Heather Swan, we find out what happened during the invasion from a human perspective! Overall, I thought this was damn good and very entertaining, and the art work is amazing! I hope Ethan can speed up the time tables on the next book, cause I promise I will get that (and the upcoming collection of his past stories too). I am that invested!



Spoiler Review From the Multiverse: Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney

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