Spoiler-Filled OR Spoiler-Free: Detective Pikachu Review

A live Action Pokemon Movie has been LONG in the making and it is finally here! NOT with the adventure of Ash Ketchum/Red or whomever…no instead they decide to base it off of the Detective Pikachu Spin-off. And that…was the best decision they could make! Seriously!

This allows them to tell a story that’s set in the Pokemon world that they can adapt into an adventure like this. And the story is endearing and has some nice surprises! But what really stand out are the Pokemon themselves! It took them two years of research for them all and it shows! The effects and movements and mannerisms of the Pokemon are perfect!

I can go on and on but instead hear Ingrid and My’s word on it for yourself. We have either a spoiler-free version or a spoiler-filled review!



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Robert Willing

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