Spider-Man Life Story 3: The 80’s Review

The first two issues of Spider-Man Life Story were nearly perfect and 5 star books in my opinion. Issue three isn’t quite as good as it predecessors but it’s still excellent and continues to cement Zdarsky as one of comics brightest stars. Zdarsky is the hottest writer in comics today. His Spider-Man Life Story is phenomenal and his two other current Marvel series, Daredevil and Invaders, are equally impressive.

Marvel couldn’t pair Chip with a better artistic collaborator on Life Story. Mark Bagley is an industry veteran discovered by former Marvel EiC Jim Shooter’s Marvel Try-Out Book contest. Bagley and writer David Michelini introduced Carnage to the Marvel universe in 1991. His version of Venom is one of the most popular of all-times and he was an artist on “Maximum Carnage” and “Clone Saga.” His Spidey credentials are legit and his Venom work elevates issue 3.


Life Story is Chip Zdarsky’s baby. His love for Spider-Man shines in every issue. Issue three uses elements from two classic Marvel stories; Secret Wars and Kraven’s Last Hunt. Despite his love for the character Chips Zdarsky is putting Peter, his friends and family through the wringer. If you’re new to Spider-Man, Life Story is a must read. Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Spider-Man: Blue is a terrific character introduction. When Life Story is complete it will supplant Blue as the superior introductory book. Spider-Man Life Story 3: The 80’s is a very emotional book. Issue three is very large in scope and Zdarksy weaves many classic story elements very well. I break down the entire issue in the video below.


Spider Man Life Story: Marvel Newcomer & Lifer's Must Read

Wes Daugherity

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