Soulfinder Demon’s Match: Lighting the Way To The Future Of Comics!

I’m going to be up front with this review and inform you that I’ve known the author of this comic for several years.


Now that I have that out of the way, I want to be clear that I’m giving this book my honest opinion to the best of my ability. As a comic book fan, I love checking out solid indie comics and when I had the opportunity to get my hands on Soulfinder Demon’s Match, I jumped on it. I’m a man of faith, but I don’t prefer my comic books getting preachy and the creators putting their personal beliefs into the book unless it fits the characters and the story. After reading this book, I really felt that Douglas Ernst was able to deliver a magnificent story with an interesting character on an intriguing subject without inserting any sort of agenda or preaching to the reader.


I strongly suggest you give this book a read! If you didn’t back the Indiegogo campaign for this graphic novel, I heard a rumor that Doug and his creative team may be secretly working on a publishing deal with this book so you can potentially pre-order it soon.


Follow his blog here and check out my in-depth review below:


Soulfinder Demon's Match- Lighting A Way To The Future Of Comics!

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