Sony Spider-Fail: Early Reactions to Jared Leto’s ‘Morbius’ are Abysmal


Early reactions to Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man related superhero movie, Morbius, are unfortunately about what I expected. I’m seeing more an more responses online of genre fans that have gotten an early screening of Morbius to call the Spider-Man spinoff film “boring,” “unfocused” and “uncalculated.”


Things started out pretty unfocused months ago with the last trailer.


While the reaction states that he saw a “nearly” final cut of the movie, it sounds like any last-minute changes would do extremely well to turn this comic book chaos into something more critically appealing. This review also further indicates that Morbius will suffer from an identity crisis, with the movie allegedly not knowing which universe it resides within, which characters the Sony antihero should be integrating with, and where it sits in the Marvel movie multiverse.


Some people did seem to enjoy it.



In unrelated news, shills also still exist.


Much of the marketing for Morbius has hinted at the movie being linked to various different franchises, including the likes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Venom. Still, this reaction, along with the recent reports that most of the movie’s Easter eggs and cameos have been cut, suggests that there really was no plan for the multiversal madness. Instead, it sounds like Morbius has been left a confusing mess.



Potential spoilers ahead:









The aforementioned post-credits scenes (yes, plural) were described in a leak on the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit, by a user who reportedly attended an early UK screening.




Even members of the cast and crew are sowing the seeds of confusion. According to CBR


Critics aren’t the only ones who are struggling to understand Morbius. Star Matt Smith recently confessed that he still doesn’t understand Milo, his villainous character. “The truth is, I wasn’t aware of the great big history of the character in many respects,” said Smith. “Because the script I was presented with doesn’t really delve into the past of him — or indeed the future. And isn’t someone else playing him? It’s all a bit confusing to me, to be honest with you.”


Even the director, Daniel Espinosa, is spoiling the movie online, but his responses seem to contradict some of the spoiler reviews above, so take all these tweets on this article with a grain of salt. 



You can read the whole spoiler filled Twitter thread here. Mr. H Reviews covers this more extensively here: 




Such a shame that this is Sony’s follow-up to the massively successful No Way HomeMorbius is scheduled to be released in the US on April 1, 2022, following a series of delays.

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