Seeley Misses the Mark in Justice League: 100 Page Giant #2

by Michael Critzer (a.k.a. Professor Geek)

This past June, DC released four 100-Page Comic Giant titles exclusively through Walmart. An excited Dan Didio announced the initiative would earn the company new readers. Unfortunately, the books were placed in the collectible section, usually a single aisle at the front of the store only visited by Magic the Gathering fans and Pop Vinyl seekers. Now large stacks of issues remain unsold in many store. The second issues are now due out, but Walmart appears to only stock new issues once previous ones have sold out. As a result, second issues are hard to come by.


After searching four stores, I finally found a Justice League #2, featuring another new Wonder Woman story by Tim Seeley. Good Wonder Woman stories, stories that portray her iconic personality and her iconic history, are hard to come by these days. Seeley’s story in the first issue hit the mark nicely. It’s confusing, then, to find that his second story gets the character so wrong.

See my review below.


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