Say Goodbye To Another DC Title; Damage is Done

From the solicitation:

“Captured by Echidna, the goddess of monsters, Ethan and Congo Bill must rely on their wits as humans rather than strength as giant powerhouses in order to survive. But do these men stand a chance against the mother of all colossal beasts? Find out in the shocking finale of our series!”


Yes, DC Comics has been trimming their comic book lineup lately, and now it appears we have another casualty. And it’s one that I was enjoying. Damage issue #16 ends the current series and leaves Avery going on a new journey. Will DC continue to use this character in other books? Or will they let it slip away into the void? In this video, I review issue #16 and discusses the growth of the character.


Damage #16 Cancelled / Only One Book Left From The New Age Of DC Heroes

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