Robert & Ingrid Retro Movie Review: The Terminal (2004)


Hey Guys! Robert and Ingrid here with another movie marathon! This one, however, we have not just one franchise but TWO of them, plus two one off movies to watch in between. And we start our marathon off with one of my personal favorite’s. Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal starring Tom Hanks


This is one of Spielberg’s more underrated films that has such a great story. Viktor Navorski, a man from the fictional country of Krakozhia who is coming for America with the intent on doing something in New York for one day and heading back home. Unfortunately, while he was en route, a coup had broke out in Krakozhia, overthrowing the government. Because of this, Victor’s Visa is no good so he can’t come to America, but he can’t go back home either. He’s basically “Unacceptable”


Stanley Tucci’s Frank Dixon, the Custom’s Director of the Airport, sees no other option but to release Viktor into the terminal with full access. So…Viktor does just that! He sets up home in a wing of the airport under reconstruction, he makes friends with many of the employees, etc etc.



As this goes on, Dixon becomes obsessed with getting Viktor out of the terminal and make him someone else’s problem…however he wants to do it by the book. It doesn’t help when he’s in line for a promotion, which makes him more worried that Viktor could jeopardize it.


During his time waiting, Viktor learns English (By taking an glisten magazine and one in his own language and figuring things out) he gets a job (with Construction, purely by luck) helps a couple fall in love (ironically both have future Star Trek and Star wars careers), and falls in love himself with Catherine Zeta Jones’s character of Amelia.


There’s so much more to talk about in this movie, and it’s the longest video Ingrid and I record during this marathon! Check out what we have to say, and what else happens in this movie! Enjoy!


Robert & Ingrid At the Movies: The Terminal

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