Robert & Ingrid’s Kaiju Marathon Concludes: Ranking the Gamera Franchise

Ingrid and I are back to conclude our Gamera Movie Marathon as we recap what we decided and rank the films from worst to best. After watching all 12 Gamera movies, AND to wash the horrid taste of Super Monster from our Mouths, Ingrid and I decided to go over the entire franchise and list it from our least favorite to our most.



12: Gamera: Super Monster 


11: Gamera vs Viras


10: Gamera vs Gurion


9: Gamera vs Zigra


8: Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris


7: Gamera vs Barugon


6: Gamera: The Brave


5: Gamera: The Giant Monster


4: Gamera vs Jiger


3: Gamera 1: Guardian of the Universe


2: Gamera vs Gyaos


1: Gamera 2: Attack of Legion


Want to know why that’s our list? Watch and found out.


After that we discuss what we would do if we were in charge of reinventing Gamera. He’s been dormant for so long, someone needs to bring back! (Hell they skipped the 50th anniversary save for a short film and a Doujinshi comic) and we talk about what our plans, how would we bring back the old monsters, how would we make an epic story with the giant turtle! Come and see what we have in mind as we wrap up our marathon!


Gamera Retrospective - 13 - Gamera Franchise Retrospective


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