RFTM: Jawbreakers: Lost Souls (Spoiler-Free Video Review)

Jawbreakers: Lost Souls! The first of the #ComicsGate Indiegogo comic projects, and effectively the one that really got the ball rolling. It’s the creation of Richard Meyer (aka Ya Boi Zach), Jon Malin, and Brett Smith and it raised an astounding $404,913, which ended up being 3865% higher than the intended goal. It was slated for release in August 2018, but due to various issues that Richard experienced (or excuses if you so choose), none of which I will go over today, it was delayed big time.

Well it’s finally here! I was one of the many that contributed to the Indiegogo to see this book be made and released and now I’m going to go over whether or not I think it was it worth the money and time invested. So, come and see me give my first impressions on this release as I give you my non-spoiler opinion of this book, the main story as well as the bonus tales inside!

Reviews from the Multiverse: Jawbreakers: Lost Souls (Spoiler-Free Review)

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