Reviews from the Multiverse | What If: Ghost Rider

The Multiverse ! Where anything can happen, where we make one choice in one universe and another choice is made elsewhere. They fall into two categories:

Marvel’s What If’s: Where events transpire as you know them until a point of divergence! Where the question “what if this happened instead” is answered

DC’s Elseworlds: Where the changes are far more drastic. Where events as you know them never occurred and a new reality exists to show different outcomes similar yet different to the familiar!

I’ve always enjoyed stories told from the Multiverse. What If’s and Elseworlds especially. But when a story is told that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the What If Premise and makes absolutely not sense…well see what I have to say in the start of my new series.  So join me in inaugural first episode of Tales from the Multiverse as I talk about What If: Ghost Rider which came out October 17, from writer Sebastian Griner, artist Caspar Wijngaard.


Reviews from the Multiverse - Episode 1 - What If Ghost Rider?


Robert Willing

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