Reviews from the Multiverse: Wall-Might: First Term Part 2

Having backed Trump: Space Force, and purchased My Hero Magademia, AND reviewed both books. It’s only natural I come back and back/review Tim Lim’s next project Wall-Might: First Term Part 2! The sequel to Mr Hero Magademia!


Like any good sequel it takes what the first issue set up and take it a step further! We get better jokes, better action, an electric powered Bunny, and actual comic satire to go alongside the Political Satire! All with incredible artwork by Lim!


Come and watch as Wall-Might, Maiku-Kun (Mike Fence), and Brett work together to gather the Winfinity States before Burning Sanders can get his hands on them! But, Watch out Wall, Burning Sanders has corrupted three other heroes! Can they be restored? Well check out my review and, when AP puts out it out, buy your own copy!


Reviews from the Multiverse: Wall-Might: First Term Part 2


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