Reviews From the Multiverse! Venom: The End


I’m back guys! Sorry I’ve been gone so long. The Insanity of the past few days took a toll, but I’m back and ready to continue with my The Ends! And tonight, we’re going to go through the newest of Marvel Comics’ The End one-shots, focusing this time on the Big Bad Symbiote himself Venom!


And it’s quite a trip! But what can we expect when it’s written by Adam Warren? Basically, this tells the story of Eddie Brock finally dying (despite Venom’s best efforts to keep him alive) and the Symbiote takes to the stars while an Artificial Intelligence cabal expands across the universe!


Venom eventually starts to bond with almost every biological life form out there (and eventually every single one in existence thanks to time travel) and…well…you’ll have to see for yourself how this one ends!


This was a trippy, high concept send off to Venom, and I think it’s somewhat fitting. It’s clear Warren was playing off of many of the things Donny Cates had set up in his run, but just playing these things for pure fun!


Reviews from the Multiverse: Venom: The End

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