RFTM: Superman & Batman Earth One Double Review!

DC Earth One! A line of books, graphic novels to be precise, that gave top tier creators a chance to recreate their best characters in a series of graphic novels that, apparently (if not questionably), co-existed in the same universe! Each take radically changed the characters’ details, but still stayed true to their heart.

Starting off is the first of these books, volume one  of Superman Earth One by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis!  Now, there have been many re-tellings of Superman’s origins, more so in recent years, but this one still comes off fresh and interesting. Truly feeling like a modern take. How does it stack up to others?

Reviews from the Multiverse: Superman Earth One Vol 1

And after, in what ended up being my longest review to date, I go over Geoff John’s and Gary Frank’s attempt at telling Batman’s Origins. And what do they do different? They make the world more “realistic”! How different is Batman Earth One from Nolan’s version?

Well, for starters, Batman didn’t go around the world to learn how to fight or study criminology! He’s just a guy who built himself up and…well…he’s not the best there ever is – nd that’s just for starters! Come with me and see what else was changed and yet, at the same time, stayed exactly the same!

Reviews from the Multiverse: Batman Earth One Vol 1

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