Reviews from the Multiverse: Superman #7

It’s the moment readers have been waiting for: the shocking return of the son of Superman! A year spent traveling the stars has changed Jon Kent. Are parents Clark and Lois ready for the all-new, all-different Superboy? Secrets are revealed, a new look debuts and Superman’s world is changed forever!


Normally I try and keep my reviews positive but this time I HAD to get this out! MY GOD ALMIGHTY did this issue SUCK!

ANY good will I had towards Bendis is GONE OUT THE WINDOW!

We finally see what led to Lois Leaving, the state she left Jonathan in, how things were going up until her departure and it made everything SO MUCH WORSE!

It makes Lois a terrible human being AND mother at the same time, and it makes Jonathan COMPLETELY gullible, stupid,  and violent too) and…GAAAAHHHH!!

Reviews from the Multiverse: Superman #7

Robert Willing

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