Reviews from the Multiverse: Soulfinder: Demon’s Match


“People have wondered for ages: “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

That is exactly what Father Patrick Retter, a Catholic priest who was wounded in combat during his youth, is asked at the start of Soulfinder: Demon’s Match — and it is the question he must grapple with after he becomes involved in a series of supernatural events.



Retter is the parish priest in the small, quiet town of Steepleton, Maryland. Assigned to the tiny locale despite his expertise in demonology and the occult, Retter is often called upon by county authorities to advise on matters with religious significance.



Things don’t stay quiet for long, as a series of related deaths imply that a great evil has been residing in Steepleton, waiting to arise.



Father Retter isn’t alone. He is aided by a young detective and ultimately mentored by a mysterious figure who introduces Retter to an ancient, high order of exorcists known as the Soulfinders.



Retter is reluctant to accept his calling, but the evil he encounters in his investigation — a sinister cult and the demons it worships — may convince him otherwise.



There are many tales to tell about this band of brothers and their clashes with evil. Soulfinder: Demon’s Match gives readers, by the last page, a taste of the vast and unexplored spiritual battlefield that these men face.”



Hey guys as that story explanation from the Indiegogo page tells us, far better than I could, Soulfinder: Demon’s Match is a very interesting type of comic project! Written by Douglas Ernst, drawn by Timothy Lim, and colors by Brett R. Smith, this comic here tells us a tale of the battle against corruption and infestation from the forces of Hell!


This is a spoiler-filled review but I can tell you this; this book proves that Ernst knows his stuff and Timothy Lim once again proves he puts out great products! Come and see! I cannot recommend this book enough!


(Spoiler) Reviews from the Multiverse: Soulfinder: Demon's Match

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