Reviews from the Multiverse: Shazam #1 & 2 + a Primer

Captain Marvel! The Big Red Cheese! Earth Mightiest Mortal! Oh, what’s that? Marvel owns the copyright? Well let’s change him to be the same name as the Wizard in the original tales! SHAZAM!

With the movie(s) coming out soon, I think it’s good to talk about not only the current incarnation of the long time comics hero but also the stories that are clearly being used for said movie. We’ll go over everything since the Nu52! All of his backups and an overview of his appearances after that before leading into the first two issues of the new ongoing! It’s a CRAZY but FUN FILLED ride! So come on in and see what this guy is all about and, say it with me now people…SHAZAM!

Reviews from the Multiverse: Shazam #1 & 2 and Primer

Robert Willing

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