Reviews from the Multiverse: He-Man/Thundercats

I LOVE the 80’s! Probably helps I was BORN during that time but even growing up my parents got me the Toys, I watched all sorts of cartoons, and one of which I was OBSESSED with was He-Men and the Masters of the Universe (as well as She-Ra Princess of Power). Another show I enjoyed LATER in life were the Thundercats! Both were incredible shows with some parallels. Heroes with swords, big bads who use sorcery, a team behind their back. So it’s only fitting some people would have the two meet up in their own imaginations.

Well those imaginations have become reality in THIS exciting Story as the two worlds actually collide in a way that brings finality to both franchises (in a good way) with many twists and surprises! What happens when He-Man and Lion-O Meet? Who would win in a fight between the two? How would Skeletor and Mumm-Ra interact? These questions will sort of be answered…and they are all AWESOME!

Reviews from the Multiverse: He-Man/Thundercats

Robert Willing

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