Reviews from the Multiverse: HardBody #1 (Spoiler-Free Video)

Well this was a surprise. I was offered (with a little help from Tristen over at Nerdette’s Newstand), a copy of Fred Schwartz‘s latest indie comic. It’s a combination of the Frankenstein concept mashed-up with Gym Culture. It’s the story of a short, fat scientist who wants the “perfect body”, but he can’t do it the old fashioned way, so he uses SCIENCE to do it! Fred Schwartz Jr. is the creator and the comic features art from Savy Lim, inks by Victor Moya and colors by Martin Mariano Hernandez Tena.


What will happen when he makes the perfect body from the body parts of multiple perfect men? Well I’m not allowed to tell this time! Yep – this is a Spoiler Free review! But, I can tell you this… there’s a WHOLE lotta ‘dicks’ in this issue (and I don’t mean Richards)!


Reviews from the Multiverse: HardBody #1 (Spoiler-Free)

If you want to read it digitally you can get it here

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