RFTM: Graveyard Shift (a Spoiler-Free Video Review!)

Another Indiegogo book has arrived at my door (hey, I thought these were supposed to be scams!) and that means another book for me to rant and rave about! Don’t worry this review will be Spoiler-Free as I give my general thoughts on this book.

Graveyard Shift was created by Artist Jon Malin (Jawbreaker: Lost Souls, Cable) and writer Mark Poulton (Hawkman) and crowdfunded through Indiegogo. Obviously I backed it (the campaign reached an amazing $106,096). I’ve seen other reviewers describe as if the X-Men met the Universal monsters and I actually think that description fits it very well. Is it a good book and worth every dollar I spent? Yes, it was worth it and I would say it is quite good.

Is it an incredible fantastic read? Well…eh…just watch the video and find out.

Reviews from the Multiverse: Graveyard Shift (Spoiler Free Review!)

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