Reviews from the Multiverse: Dora & the Lost City of Gold

In case you missed John Lemus’s early, spoiler-free review of this film here, I wanted to weigh-in on this film with spoilers.


Out of ANY movie adaptation I would have ever expected to find enjoyable…the LAST one that would have been one about DORA THE EXPLORER!


Aw yeah! The long running, pre-school kids show from Nickelodeon got its own movie adaptation featuring a teenage Dora! Yeah, that idea that was done as a parody by College Humor. This teenage Dora tale is not as edgy as the College Humor video, but it does have parallels. We see an older Dora that acts just like she does in the show among a world that only sees her as… weird.


And the funny thing is…it works! And not just on a pre-school level, not just on a “for the kids” level, but for all-ages, even adults! The acting was fun, the humor, for the most part was good, and I think the story was good too!


In the video below, my friend Ingrid and I talk about what we thought about this movie in a spoiler-filled review.


Movie Reviews from the Multiverse: Dora and the Lost City of Gold

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