Reviews from the Multiverse: DC’s Year of the Villain Special

Well it’s time for another DC Comics Summer Event and DC is going to the well once more in having the villains take center stage. Wow when was the last time they did this? Oh right, Forever Evil! And before that? Around Final Crisis! But this time…this time it feels like it has a purpose!


Writers Scott Snyder, Brian Michael Bendis, and James Tynion IV team up with artists Jim Cheung, Alex Maleev, and Francis Manupal to deliver this years 25 Cent special book to kick things off as we get three stories! The first and third stories are more linked as we see Lex Luthor finally go public as a villain, dismantling his empire so he can make offers to all the villains. To provide them funds and tech to improve themselves and defeat their enemies (even Tom King’s Batman stuff gets tied in). At the same time Perpetua is preparing herself for what is coming, the big war between Justice and Doom! Oh and we get more about Leviathan and a possible suspect (one that, if true, proves Bendis really can just come in and take control despite other creative teams hard effort)


This is well worth a purchase for at least 2 of the three stories! And 25 Cents…come on don’t be a cheapskate!


Reviews from the Multiverse: DC's Year of the Villain Special

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