Reviews From The Dark Multiverse: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

yes! It’s my final review of my Dark Multiverse series! Yep we close out this series with a dark take on the events of Terra’s Betrayal in Teen Titans! But unlike the other 4 one-shots, this one isn’t kicked off by some evil change…instead it’s started by something positive!


In this case, Dick Grayson noticed something in Terra, that she felt like she was operating in someone else’s shadows, and he tried to give her some advice…that she can forge her own destiny! Yeah unfortunately she takes the wrong message from that!


She ends up getting a power upgrade and becomes so OP that…well let’s just say that this is the bleakest of all the one-shots as the entirety of the story is a curb-stomp. Yeah that’s a spoiler but the main point is not so much how it ends, but how we get to the ending! So come see Terra, oops sorry I mean Gaia now, destroy her world as we close the door on this mini series!


Reviews from the Dark Multiverse: Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

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