Review: Watchman E1: ‘It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice’

Well the first episode of the HBO Watchmen series is out and…it’s…


…ugh how should I put this?


On it’s own, separated from Watchmen graphic novel and film, it might be alright. It’s certainly Über Political, but on the plus side, it features solid characters with very well-done action to balance it out. But since it IS tied to Watchmen, I think Lindelof should have tweaked the script a bit more if he’s the “fan boy” of the material that he claims to be.


Years after the events of Watchmen, police now wear masks like vigilantes to fight against the 7th Kalvary, a group of White Supremacists who based themselves off of Rorschach! And that’s most of this first episode. A lot of it is set up filled with heavy-handed politics. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, I will admit that. It’s well acted and there are a few questions raised that I may want to watch further just to see how they’re answered.


But overall, it’s an abysmal representation of a Watchmen continuation. Not that bad on its own.







Robert Willing

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